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Asia Education Show

On the just closing Asia Education Show, INFOTO brought under the command of advanced educational information system application solutions, the latest projector products debut scene. INFOTO for educational users successfully launched PCL-LT100, PCL-LT100T, PCL-LT500 and PCL-LT8000 series of educational, corporate and Pro. AV products system, in the distance at the show will be able to feel its shock effect.


INFOTO boosts educational presentations 

The INFOTO new business education uses 3LCD display technology, 3100-4500 Ansi Lumens of brightness range, XGA - WXGA native resolution 15,000:1 contrast, support for MHL/Mirroring display, LAN/USB display, corner keystone function. Standard configuration and function, handsome shape design will be able to capture the hearts and minds of many people. Also using advanced Philips ImageCare Energy Smart technology, energy-saving lamp life up to 10000 hours mode for a great reduction of ownership.


INFOTO PCL-LT100 Portable/Multimedia Series For Classrooms/Meeting Rooms 

The PCL-LT100 Series retains the original main colors of white and light gray added a slight adjustment, the overall angular, beautiful and yet stable. With simple and practical terminals (VGA, S-Video, Video, HDMI/MHL, USB-A and RS232 interfaces), the PCL-LT100 series is capable of catering to business meetings, education and training of your customers.

The PCL-LT100 series is more stylish designed and cost-effective for owners. With energy efficient, instantly power off & go, outstanding color reproduction, economy mode lamp life up to 10000 hours to reduce cost of ownership in daily use.


INFOTO Super Short Throw - Next Generation for Classroom Upgrade 

The PCL-LT100T Series is industrially and classically designed with a super short focal lens for the education needs. It delivers a 80" diagonal image from 75cm installation distance from the surface. With a brightness up to 3,600 ANSI Lumens and high contrast ratio of 15,000:1 it delivers a perfect image display. The projector is designed for use in any classroom, small office or at home. With its light weight and compact form this is a short throw projector for easy installation that will fit any budget.


INFOTO PCL-LT500 Corporate Series

The INFOTO PCL-LT500 Series is designed with a powerful 3LCD engine and motorized lens to provide a powerful high light and color output up to 6000 Ansi Lumens for large corporate demands. Further the PCL-LT500 Series provides an efficient protection against dust and strong thermal design, wide flow through the cooling solution, better able to optimize cooling capacity, multi-point cooling. With advanced IC support, the PCL-LT500 Series provides additional feature in terms of MHL, HDML, USB A and LAN display for the most demanding events.

The PCL-LT500 Series offers alternative, solid and delicate workmanship, strong configuration mainstream, excellent performance, convenient and considerate applications all have left a deep impression, since the market has been more and more users Accreditation.  



INFOTO PCL-LT8000 Series for Pro.AV/Staging Events

The PCL-LT8000 series offers high levels of brightness and contrast, improved installation ease and eco-conscious features in consideration of the environment. Capable of ensuring clear, sharp large-screen presentations in large meeting rooms and theater-like settings, these user-friendly projectors are ideal for impactful, visual communications.

The series reproduces vivid beautiful images using 7,100lm brightness at a high contrast ratio of 5000:1. Even in large meeting rooms and theater-like settings, its liquid-crystal projection system ensures clear, sharp presentation images every time.

The PCL-LT8000 Series is equipped with a RJ-45 LAN terminal for remote operation. Additionally, when used with Crestron RoomView™, integrated control of up to 250 projectors including power on/off control, message display and confirmation of lamp service hours is possible. INFOTO PCL-LT8000 series are equipped with AMX Device Discovery for simplified device management and compatible with PJLink™.Furthermore, at INFOTO, we provides 5 optional lenses (standard, short throw, ultra short throw, long throw and ultra long throw) for various customers' needs in different staging events.